How to config the text area?


I need to config the screen with have a text area field below image

But i don't know to  config "See more". When i click on "See more", it will show pop up or open new tab to display all text

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Hello  tran thanh tu,

You can do it by using a link and a local boolean variable 

This link will trigger that action responsible for switching the boolean to true, and show the text 

Hope it helped you!

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Tomás Dionísio

You insert content TextAre using a variable, I would create a block and then you have the top content where it's visible, and then you have an event that it's listening when the user wants to show the bottom content that is not visible. When the event turns the variable "ShowContent" to true, then the bottom content turns visible.

The better way is you create yourself what you want because I think with TextArea is not possible.


Márcio Carvalho

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