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11.10.18 (Build 41211)

Hello all,

I need to frequently change CSS on some projects and need to change container size adjustment. How can I fast way to make this changing fast for preview? 

Thank you

Dick leung

So there are some options, you can use the developer tools or use injectors of CSS where you put the classes you want and then you customize them the way you want to. I prefer injector because the developer tools if you refresh, all changes disappear.



Márcio Carvalho

Yes inject CSS is a good method, but I also need to adjust my container so I need to save my new changes. so I need to find a fast way to deoply.


You can put the width of your container the way you want. The container size using the width of OutSystems is not easy, and you have be careful when using that. What i want to say is, if you want to create an exception, create a class or a new block to have your stuff with the width you want.


Have you tried to inspect the screen on google browser and then tried to adjust the css of container and when it matches to your requirement, then do the same changes in service studio.

Hope this help,



HI Komal,

Yes, I face the problem is when I directly change the container (e.g. change the div ordering or make a size change ), I understand to use some CSS injection tools to save whats I am changing ( but not include HTML source code changing ) after that all the adjustment I need to do everything again in outsystem.

It's a double effort, why not directly make a change in outsystem.

Thank very

Dick Leung

There is extensions where you can keep working and refreshing and you don't lost your CSS! :)

Which plugin can also keep the HTML code changing? 

 Stylish, just accept me to save CSS style, do you have the information or document it's relative to this topic.

How to save them when I am using google inspect mode to save all my HTML changes.

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