[Reactive Web Previewer] File preview Randomly doesn't work
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Hello all,

Most possibly this is the same problem encountered in the post below:


I am posting again since there was no definitive Explaination, and since I was hoping for your guys' help.

I am experiencing a Random inability to preview the files. This seems extremely random, If I refresh the preview page multiple times, at times the preview will work and at times it would show a blank rectangle, images below.

would appreciate any insight, thanks in advance


Please use this expression in PDF assignment, this expression will always display the document.

"<iframe src='" + Location + "' width='" + Width + "' height='" + Height + "'></iframe>"

Instead of this- 

"<iframe src='https://docs.google.com/gview?embedded=true&url=" + Location + "' width='" + Width + "' height='" + Height + "'></iframe>"



Sadly this sollution didn't help, but instead caused to download the file...

any other possible sollutions?

This is absolutely working fine for me. what is expression you used can you please share , 

Please check again the expression - "<iframe src='" + Location + "' width='" + Width + "' height='" + Height + "'></iframe>" 

If this is not working the you can go for Jose's solution,



Hi Komal,

This expression worked for me.


Tried it again today and it worked! thanks a lot!

Hi Komal ,

I used the expression as you said, but I am still not able to preview the pdf on screen. Instead it is downloading the file. I have not used any download at the end of the flow.  Any suggestion where I am going wrong ?

Thanks in advance

Hi sanket,

Can you share your expression screen shot and have you tired this after clearing the cache?

If not then try in that way too.



Hi Komal,

Sorry for replying late. Can you guide me in how we clear the cache ? because in ReactiveWebPreviewer component there is no function or action to clear the cache 


I meant clear cache of your browser that you are using to run the application,

for chrome,

Hope this help and will execute the expression,

Kind Regards,

I stopped using that component which was causing me similar issues and started using SimpleViewer instead.

I saw that it's for traditional web, is there another one for reactive as well?

Hmm no. Unfortunately this component only works for traditional web :(

Sadly i have to second this, for some reason in the end of it all, the expression doesn't work for me as well

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