OnBlur validations don't work when clicking the submit button
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I have 2 webblocks, one for the input and another for the button. The onblur event sends the variable into the button's webblock. But the variable goes empty if i instantly click on the button instead of clicking outside the input first to trigger the onblur.

Hi  Tony Carreira,

Can you please explain little more with the screen shots  so that we can solve the concern.

Till the time you provide more details, here is a workaround on the basis of what I understood from your question.

-> Keep the button disable until user enters any input. If there is any input your button should get enabled. 

Hi Tony, 

I think onblur will not work in case user click button directly without clicking outside input. 

You can try onchange of input and before doing your validation you can do some conditions like checking length of value of input. 

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