How to use const keyword, => operator in JS on Reactive App


       I want to use const keyword, => operator in Reactive application. Its working Traditional Web, but showing error in Reactive.  How to handle this. It saying these are all available in ES6. What is ES6 version and how to achieve in Reactive application. Kindly help me in this.




Hi NaveenRaj,

Check out this anwser. As mentioned back then, some ES6 features were not supported, and as far as I know they are not supported yet.

You can use the const keyword, and although it migth show you a warning it allows publishing the module. However using arrow functions is not supported at all, it breaks the module and you cannot publish it.

I'm affraid that you must move the code from the arrow function to a JS function and then pass the function as parameter for the callback.

Hi Ivo Goncalves,

                     Thanks for the response. Now I got clear idea to move forward. I will convert arrow function to JS function.



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