Need to Import UI to use in Outsystems

We have already one application , I need to import same UI and use in outsystems to create new application in outsystems.

Hi Vivek, 

You can consume your UI in another web app by making it public. Make Public property  to Yes and go at consumer module where you wanted to use , click At manage dependencies and select that UI that need to be reused and Click at Apply.

But from my view. It should  not be best practice if it is creating side referencing or circular dependencies. 

You can create a separate layer where your all reusable UI should exist and make it public and use it.



But my another UI is created in another technology in another application which is not in outsystems.

As I know, UI is combination of HTML,CSS and JS. You can not use directly those UI but you can create same theme by customization or from scratch. 

Please Check- 


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