Shared environment  related questions

So recently I started working on an outsystems app in a shared environment.

I know this may sound silly but can some clarify some of doubts.

For instance if I make changes and don't want to publish to my code I know I can run and debug in my personal space but I keep getting this error

A debug session can't be started due to communication problems. Check if the module is published and try again.

Also when I debug in my personal space page I get

You should 1cp it again to update it to the public area

Can anyone tell me if I want to debug my code , without publishing it to public area how do I know do that ?

Hi Craig Rodrigues,

Hope you are doing well.

Module should be published in public area at least once before debugging in personal area. Debugging in personal area has certain limitation. 

Changing in following things required to publish module in public area.

  • Entities.
  • Site Properties
  • Session Variables
  • Timers
  • Roles
  • Module references

For more explanation please check. - Documentation

Hope this help.


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