activate deactivate a join dynamically


I would like to active/deactivate a join in my agreggrate thanks a local variable or another solution.

Do you know how to do please ?

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Hi Julien,

If you are working on a Reactive / Mobile application, you can create a DataAction and based on your local variable do a query with join or without and assign it to the output variable, like the example below:

To refresh the query with or without a join, you just need to update the local variable (in my case UseQueryWithoutJoin) and refresh the DataAction:

If you're working on a Traditional Web application, you will have to have a local variable to hold the list of records and the principle is the same: use an If with your local variable to decide if you do the query with a join or without, and assign the result to the local variable list and you us that local variable in the screen.

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What are you trying to achieve?

I understand the question, but not the problem ;)

It's quite possible for your use-case, that you can do it with 1 aggregate.

This means using a left join and an extra check if the result id is filled or not.

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