BPT - Getting timeout error while insert new entity record inside on close activity

I had a processes that contains some human interaction as well as automatic activity.

When user click on a button on a screen, it trigger the On Close action of the human activity (inside processes). It will call the server action to save the data into two entities (activity and status) - by  calling the createorupdate<entity> method auto generate by OutSystems.

For entity Activity - it will perform the data update only (work well)

However for entity Status - I need to always insert a new row to keep track the previous status and current status change. Unfortunately, it always return Timeout error. (if I change the code to update the existing data,  it work well)

Please help!

Hello Jelyn,

Mind sharing a screenshot of the error from Service Center? Can you also check if there's a log on the General Logs from Service Center as well that could possibly match the description of your issue from the Error Log (same time and module).

Could be a potential DB Locking.



Here's the information I can share (under Error log). There isn't any information log under General log.

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