[Simple Reports Reactive] Input widget is used inside Simple Reports PDF - Unable to update API using a button
Forge component by Rafael Fantato

Outsystems reactive web application.

I need to fetch details from an API, print those details, also implement an input widget on the same screen and a button to update the API by passing the filled in details from the input widget before printing.

The issue I am facing here is, 

If I add the input widget inside the PageA4Portrait component, I am unable to pass the data to API.

However if I place the same input widget outside the PageA4Portraot component, I am able to update the API.

Can this functionality be implemented using this forge component. Kindly advise.


Hi Sushma,

Maybe a good approach should be doing that in a parent screen and use the iframe to call the screen page. Or only render or call the WB from this component after you received all data from API. And every time it receive a new data (refresh), force render again all web.

Isn't the traditional better to use with API?

Hi Rafael,

Thanks for your response!!

We changed the implementation.

First we have a page where user can update comments using a button after which user can click on preview button which will open the preview page[This is where I am using the Simple reports reactive component], which has print icon on the toolbar and user can click on print and get the print preview.

I need to add a back button on the preview page as well. if I add back button, upon clicking the print icon on the toolbar I get a blank page in the print preview in between pages.

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