input form not entering data into both tables in the aggregate

i have ctreated a form to input data into two tables, the aggregate has got both table entites in there and i have a join on the tables.

when the form is submitted it adds data into one table and not the other, how do i get data to be entered into both tables please?  i am new to this environment :-)



can you show a print of your code to see if there is something missing?

Hi , when you save the data , make sure you update in the both tables , check your createorupdate server action , see you got both the tables being updated or only 1 table being updated


You need to create and update the both the tables and need to provide required data for the crate and updated action,



Hi @PGC Council,

Could you please share the screen shot of the code how you have written logic to save the data or if possible share the OML to look into the issue?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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