[Factory Configuration] [Factory Configuration] Cannot login: The request failed with HTTP status 404...
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Traditional Web
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11.11.0 (Build 26942)

I cannot login in the Factory Configuration application.  I keep on getting the following error message: The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.

I installed the latest version of the Factory Configuration (version 11.0.9) in my personal environment. In Service Center, I navigated to the FactoryConfiguration module and I changed the URL associated with the consumed SOAP web service with the name Operation into https://<url of my personal environment>/ServiceCenter/Operation.asmx.

When I try to login I get the error message stated above. Looking into the integration logs in ServiceCenter, I see that an attempt is made to access the following URL:  http://localhost/ServiceCenter/Operation.asmx?wsdl. This means that even though I changed the effective URL for the SOAP web service consumed, OutSystems still tries to reach out to the wsdl of the service using the default URL for that service.

Changing the FactoryConfiguration module within Service Studio does not seem to be an option as the module is protected and, therefore, cannot be opened in Service Studio. 

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?



 http://localhost/ServiceCenter/Operation.asmx?wsdl is the correct address. The service is being accessed by a call from the same server rather than via the internet so localhost is actually the correct address for the call.

Hi Jeanene, I understand your point. Unfortunately I’m running the Factory Configuration on my personal environment and it cannot recognize localhost. 

As far as I know I also don’t have a way to change the configuration of the servers it is running on in on order for localhost to be recognized as the machine itself.

It should be automatically recognized as part of the standard setup. I suspect that something might actually be missing, for example that endpoint might not exist at all or the 404 error is for something else. You may need to raise a support ticket with Outsystems.

It might also be that factory Configuration isn't supported on a personal environment, I've never tried it on PE's.


Hi Jeanene, thanks for pointing that out. I should have read the whole documentation :)

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