Print button for mobile application.

I am having problem creating a print button to mobile application, i have tried so many plug-in, but i cant get to work.

can anyone please suggest effective plug-in that works ,and if ever with instructions on how to apply to a mobile application?

these are the plug-ins that I've already tried with the error;

htmltopdf-cant install binary and library to admin page, it doesn't upload.

clientsidehtmltopdf-it opens when I tried on a desktop, but when i tried in my mobile ,it doesn't show the pdf.

Printer Plugin-it says Cordova is not defined,

by the way i am using Windows Server 2012,just incase it has to do with my operating system.

Thanks in advanced folks.


Hi Mark,

Printer Plugin is working fine on mobile when you used html for print.

Cordova is not defined, it means you need to generate new app and install on it mobile device then you are able to see print functionality.

Hope it will help you.



thanks for that quick response sir, what do you mean by need to generate new app and install it mobile device? What app do i need to install on mobile device?

If you using android device then you need to generate apk file or for IOS then generate ipk file.

thanks sir,

i have tried what you instructed and this is the error displayed,

i hope you could help me fix this.


Hi mark,

To make it easy you can use below plugin. It has feature of downloading and printing doc.

thanks for the response sir, but I cant get to work the plug-in you've suggested or any plug-in that I've tried.

I will be very thankful if you could give illustration video or screenshot tutorial on how to apply any plug in to outsystem application?

I'm so sorry for the newbie question/post. but anyway thanks in advanced, everybody is welcome to answer this post.

by the way I'm developing Meter Reading Application.

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