Generate a lot of simple table editors from entity design
Service Studio Version
11.10.20 (Build 41361)
Platform Version
11.11.2 (Build 29611)

I am a lazy guy and need approx. 73 simple table editors derived directly form the database design. All with same logic

  • Paginated List with filter and all index fields + some convention field as "Shortdescription"
  • Button to create records with a details form, entering data and CREATE or BACK button back to list 
  • DELETE Button in List with delete 
  • UPDATE Button in List to Update with Details form and UPDATE  or BACK button back to list 

All validations are only in database (This are mostly technical tables edited one by somone who knows what he does).

While its easy enough to create them one by one, ist still cumbersome.

Any hint where to look for? 

Hi Stephan,

If you have all these tables in your model, go to the UI flow where you want the pages, and drag the table to the UI flow. The Outsystems creates the list and detail pages for the entity.

Best regards.


Hi Stephan,

Just drag and drop the entities as shown in this video:



Ok, thanks. I found meanwhile the thread about custom scaffolding. That's what i want. 

Can you share it?

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