[Case Management framework] Manage Absence Periods
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I'm developing an application using Case Management Framework and now I'm trying to manage absence periods automatically. 

The requirements are:

  • The user can define the periods of absence.
  • The user can define another user who's going to be his substitute in case of absence. 
  • Activities are going to be automatically delegated to the user's substitute in case of absence.

I read the Case Management Framework documentation, but I didn't find any details or methods that could allow me to do that automatically. Is there a way to do it?


Hello Wanessa.

Thank you for your post!

It's possible to define another user as substitute. For that you will have to use delegation APIs. Check this documentation page to learn how to do it.
You will have to define:

  • the period of time that work can be delegated;
  • if it is from user A to user B; or from user A and Group A to user B.

Currently it is not possible to define periods of absence nor automatically delegate in case of absence.
We will be reviewing the Delegation feature in CMf in the very near future. Your post and your requirements will be considered, Wanessa.

Once again thanks for your post. Feel free to reach out to me and share more feedback about CMf.

Ricardo Lopes

Thank you for your answer, Ricardo!

It would be really interesting to do it automatically using Case Management Framework. I hope it's avaliable in the future. 


Wanessa Sena

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