Append record with a RecordList type attribute
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I'm having an issue adding the record with RecordList attribute in the extension. Error is displayed below.


 var ssTestDTO = new RLTestDTORecordList();

 var ssTestDTORecord = new RCBudgetDTORecord(null);

ssTestDTORecord .ssSTTestDTO.ssRepName = "Form101";

  foreach (var xdate in item.Dates)


                    var rcdate = new RCDatesRecord(null);

                    rcdate.ssSTDates.ssDate = xdate;

                    ssTestDTORecord .ssSTTestDTO.ssDates.Append(rcdate);


ssTestDTO.Append(ssTestDTORecord ); <-error here see below details



public STTestDTOStructure Duplicate() {

 STTestDTOStructure t;

 t.ssName = this.ssRepName;

 t.ssDates = (RLDatesRecordList) this.ssDates.Duplicate(); [System.IO.FileNotFoundException: 'Could not load file or assembly 'OutSystems.HubEdition.DatabaseAbstractionLayer, ]

 t.OptimizedAttributes = null;

 return t;



Hi Jesse2019,

Can you please provide a bit more context?

What exactly are you trying to do with that C# code?

NOTE: This is definitely not your "run of the mill" OutSystems problem, so I took the liberty of adding an "Extension" tag to your question.

I created an output parameter TestDTO with structure "Name" as string and "Dates" as record list.


 TestDTO (Record List)

   - Name as string

   - Dates as Record List of (strucDate) 

I don't know the proper way of appending record on TestDTO record list with a field that is Record List data type


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