Refresh a table on a web block that has no parent

Good day

I am using Outsystems React

I have two web blocks.

Web block A and Web Block B.

I would like to refresh a table that I have on Web Block B,

 when I Fire the On Change event that is on web block A.

The thing is Web block B is not a child or parent of web block A.

So I would like to know is it possible to do this with out one of them being a parent?

Apologies if this question has been answered or if I have missed something. I have looked everywhere.

Kind regards


If these two blocks have no parent-child relationship, then what you want will not be possible (as there is no parent to handle the child's events).

What you can do is assign a handler for Web Block A's event on whatever parent it has and since that handler is defined on the parent scope it could trigger the refresh of an instance of Web Block B (provided Web Block B is also somehow a child of the same parent... would that work?

Another possible alternative I see would be to use something like the Event System forge component.

Hope this helps! 


Hi David, 

I think, This is only possible when web Block B has an Input parameter so that there can be applied OnParameter Change property of web Block where you can refresh data of Web Block B. After refreshing  web Block B automatically update table with new data.

Check - Sample and OML. 

Hope this help,



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