I want to save the record on each page(reactive)
Application Type

There is a table on CustomerCompanies page

when click the each record on CustomerCompanies page, open the CustomerCompanyDetail page

For each CustomerCompanyDetail  page there is a popup with save action [Save on Click button]

Example: When we open [A] record on CustomerCompanies page and input data on the CustomerCompanyDetail page's popup editor

That Data should display on the [A] record's CustomerCompanyDetail page 's list

How can I do this scenario



Hi Dilmi,

Create a separate block for Customer Information which you want edit or save pass customer_Company Identifier as input parameter in this block.

Use this block on popup and accordingly you can.

Hope this will help you.




Hi Dilmi Hashara Amarasingha,

After you saved your record to the database, you will need to do a Data Refresh on the Aggregate that is the source of information for your Table... that should automatically re-render the table.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Jorge Martins 

Could you please tell me the steps


I just did. On the Save action of your popup you need to drag a Refresh Data tool after your CreateOrUpdate logic and configure it to refresh the Aggregate you use to show the table.


I cannot tell why it is not working, if none of my remarks below help, you will likely have to debug and see what's happening step by step.

I can give you my feedback on what I can see of the action flow you shared:

  • There's a warning on the CreateOrUpdateCustomer_Contact, I'd double-check to see what this warning is about and make sure you are creating (or updating) the right record.
  • Cannot see the name of the full name of the Aggregate, but it needs to be the one used by your Table to display the Customer_Contact records and the new one you just created needs to match whatever filters you are using on the Aggregate (otherwise it won't be displayed).
  • If this action is meant to close the popup, then before the end of the action flow you need to update the variable that controls the visibility of the popup to False.
  • You should be using the End tool instead of the Destination tool to end your action. As it is, the Data Refresh is irrelevant as you are re-navigating to the current screen and thus re-executing all aggregates and generating the entire screen HTML as if it was the first time accessing the screen.

Hope this help!

its the Getlist aggregate 

and it works:

For best practices i would put the popup in a separate webblock, because it actually contains a form. But your solution works.

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