[OutSystems UI] The way modals are shown inside outsystems studio
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For a while now, our team got used to the new way modals were being displayed in the service studio. They were placed as continued content at the bottom of the page. This had multiple advantages.  You didn't have to constantly swap between showing and hiding the modal if you needed to apply changes to both. The biggest advantage though was the fact that if you modal was bigger than the available screen space, you could scroll to the bottom of it.

After we updated the Outsystems UI a couple of days ago, we noticed that our Outsystems studio had switched back to previous way of working.

The big disadvantage here is the fact that the modal doesn't scroll, and that if you have a sizable amount of inputs on it, they fall "off the screen" and you can't easily go to them. This has forced us to make blocks that we then put on the modal.

As you can see in the above , the start date input field is already dropping off the modal and there is no way to scroll to the fields that are below it. Since the modal stays in place when you scroll, only the background will move.

After some investigation, our team concluded that this is dependent on the version of the Outsystems UI on the target systems you are connecting to. Is this correct? Does your service studio use the Outsystems UI from the target environment?

Has this been changed back on purpose or was it an oversight on Outsystems part? 

OutSystems UI consists mostly out of a lot of CSS. 

Through css, you can let service studio behave differently from the actual end result. So a new version of OutSystems UI can most certainly cause service studio to act differently.

By adding css starting with "-servicestudio-" you can achieve this. Check this very old topic. https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/9506/specific-service-studio-css-tags/

Regarding your question:

If you are in the development environment and the version uploaded there is 1.0.0, that's what you will be using when in Service Studio. If you are using 1.0.1 in other environment and open Service Studio there, that's the version that you will be seeing. Hopefully I made that clear.

Nonetheless, I redirected this feedback to the team so they can better understand how the component is being used by development teams.

Thanks for the feedback!

I am not sure about your exact circumstances, but from personal experience, the problem could just be the OutSystems UI version that you are using.

I had a situation where I updated the OutSystems UI application, and got to use the "new" popups/modals and enjoy all the advantages you are mentioning. However, after a platform update, I seemed to have lost all of those features and went back to the "old" popups. 

I was convinced that the OutSystems UI module was updated alongside the platform server update, and therefore the popup changes were apparently reverted, which disappointed me greatly. However, after searching extensively, I found out that our OutSystems UI was actually downgraded at some point (during or after the update),  back to the version with the "old" popups. 

For us, just downloading the latest version of OutSystems UI did the trick, and we were able to use the "new" popup functionality once again. Check for your OutSystems UI version and see if this could be the problem, you should be able to do it directly from your environment in Service Studio. If that doesn't work, you can always download the latest version directly from the Forge from the OutSystems website.

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