Adding a screen to the common/menu

Working on the Bookings Assignment, and I am not having any luck dragging and dropping a screen to the common/menu. Is there an alternative way to add a screen to the menu? Is there a reason why I am not able to add the screen via scaffolding? 

The attachment shows me trying to drag the "Bookings" screen to the common/menu, but there is a error symbol attached to it.



Hello there Alexander,

Hope you're doing well.

You should be able to add the screen via scaffolding, that's correct.

I just tried in an example application, and it is working as expected as you can see:

Can you please confirm that the name of your Block is indeed "Menu" or "menu"?

Because if you have a different name other than those, the module cannot identify that the Block should be used as layout for the menu. Therefore scaffolding won't work.

As an example, if you change the name of the Block to "Menu1", it won't work:

As an alternative, you can open the Block directly (double click on it) and you will see this canvas:

After that, you can just drag the screens in that centered container to create menu entries, as it is described.

This way will work no matter which name you have for the Block (in my case it is still Menu inside Common Flow -> Common\Menu).

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Rui, 

The name of my menu was fine. I also tried double-clicking on the block, but I was still unable to drag and drop any screens. I ultimately restarted the assignment and had no issues scaffolding (weird).


Hey there Alexander,

Glad to hear that the situation is now solved.

Just for my curiosity, can you share your OML where you had those scaffolding issues?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Attached of the .oml file.


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