need help for file compression
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I want to compress any file in specified size. My requirement is image size should not be more than 900KB and video size should not more than 2-4 MB. Based on it's extension. Extension and upload part i have done it. But need help for file compression.


Yes I tried "ImageCompress" But I am new to Outsystems I don't understand how do I use this. 

It saves the compressed image in the binary form in the database. Hook the method at the time of image upload.

Hey, just noticed you have a reactive application, while the Image Compress is built for the traditional web.

Oops! There are two image compress component.

ImageCompress Reactive

Image Compress Traditional web

1] Can I use Traditional Web Component in Reactive Web App?

2] Do Outsystems has any component who allows compress in one go? Because I want to compress video as well.

Thanks for reply

  1. For reactive, you should use the ImageCompress Reactive 
  2. This is all in one go, but you have to use its method in your upload functionality.




Thanks for reply.  I tried to pass the value to this Client Action. But I unable to compress the file. I am uploading this file in S3. And in S3 image size is same. 


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