[Data Grid Reactive] What to do to ensure that the data is not overwritten
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When I operate the datagrid, I choose to add two pieces of data, but I copied three rows of data. At this time, the number of new pieces is less than the number of rows I copied. When I paste, the data will overwrite the existing data. Case.

When the data is overwritten, I should throw a warning message, but I don't know how to judge that my data is overwritten.

can you help me.

For details, please refer to the order of the pictures in my attachment

Hello @He Caixia,

At the moment, it is not available on the DataGrid component without a workaround. Nevertheless, we intend to have multiple events on the DataGrid component so I passed this post to the team and we will analyze it as I think it might be a good suggestion for different approaches related to the pasting feature in the future.


Right now, I would suggest the following workaround (.oml attached to the reply)

Add an onReady client action to the Screen. Inside, you might want to add JavaScript just like in the image below.

You will notice that we are invoking the function from the client action - $actions.DoSomething. 

Make sure to set this client action as a function. Inside you can add your custom validations/warnings etc.

Please bear in mind that we didn't make all the necessary tests to ensure that it will work on all cases. We are continuously working to provide more API methods, so I suggest you keep tuned, as we intend to launch new events that might make it easier to custom such behaviors.

Hope this answer is useful.

Best regards,

Tiago Pereira


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