File upload widget, Unable to get file content
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.19 (Build 41209)

Hello, I'm trying to upload the files to database using file upload widget. I add the widgets, upload the files from webpage, click save that will trigger the server action, set break point in the server action and check the widget values in the debug mode. I don't see any values even though the file upload control already have uploaded file values in the web page UI. 

In that image, you will see that the files are uploaded to the file upload control

But after triggering the server action, the widgets don't have any value ( file name, file content, file type )



Hi Min,

You are working on a Traditional Web application, not a Reactive one.

In order to upload a file, your button needs to have the Submit method, it won't work with Ajax Refresh:

Kind Regards,


Thanks for the answer.

Because of this I solved my issue also.


Ajit kurane.

Have you got Solution?

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