Aggregates update


Let me take a minute to update everyone on the Aggregates new developments.

When building new applications, we do believe that having the right and easiest way of reading and querying data is essential to boost you productivity, so we’ve been investing on Aggregates evolution.

It would be very hard to have a perfect solution if we would implement it without you! That is why we’ve been listening to your feedback very carefully, and we want to let you know that it can directly influence the proposed solution.

We will keep delivering developments related to Aggregates, so keep trying it out and keep your feedback coming!

As you know, we’re releasing new versions every week, so please keep you version up-to-date and let’s build it together!

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@Tércio Soares  Thanks for sharing the information about this update. I will definitely try it out and get back to you with feedback about experience with the change.


Hi  Tércio

Thanks for sharing the information. Where can I found the release note for the update?

Also,  Can we expect aggregate will adapt "in clause" soon?  It has been suggested by many peoples and a long time ago.

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Hi Tom.

Each version is released with the respective release notes documented, you can check them here.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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Thanks for the update.

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