1-ClickPublish - Error

1-ClickPublish - Error

Good night,

i'm using platform server on my own computer that is free to download on OutSystems webpage. When i'm trying to do 1-ClickPublish the server return this message:
"Error message from node brunofonsecapc ( Deployment failed
Deployment failed. Unexpected content found in ping. Status: OK. Content: 
CompModule : Broadcast Message"

Someone can help me how to fix this situation?

Thank you all

Bruno Fonseca
Hi Bruno,

i suggest you to send and email to support@outsystems.com with the error message.

Hi there,I had the same problem and tried to restart the Outsystems Service Studio, and It resolved the issued.
Hi Nuno, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

Thanks for the tip, I'm pretty sure that'll help others who face the same problem.

Let us know how your experience with OutSystems goes.


Paulo Tavares
well, what about the solution?

I happen to encounter it now.