Create user and manage that User on lifetime in the personal account

This would be great for OutSystems Users to train their OutSystems skills and manage Users and be able to work with another colleague as a team.

There is a plausible answer about this and why we cannot create/manage Users in the free license?


Márcio C


Hi Márcio,

Personal Environments, as the name implies is personal... I'd expect that to be the rationale, but maybe someone from OutSystems can give you a more assertive answer, I'll ask around.

That being said, why don't you check the Ideas section for such a suggestion and upvote it? (or create if one doesn't yet exist!)


Thanks, @Jorge Martins , I will check on the ideas, but I bet there are already many ideas about this. But yeah it's personal, but if you want to work with a friend, trying as a team, you will not be able to do that, even training on the managing side of things.
But thanks anyway.

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