Error installing Cordova plugin: cordova-plugin-firebase-dynamiclinks.
Application Type


I am trying to create a plugin in outsystems, from a cordova plugin for firebase dynamic links

I added a reference to my native app, and tried to generate a build for the native mobile application. But am getting the following error:    Error installing Cordova plugin: cordova-plugin-firebase-dynamiclinks. The plugin dependency cordova-support-google-services does not support this Cordova version.

What can be done to solve this error?

I am using the MABS 7.0 to generate the build. And this is what i have added in the extensibility configurations of the plugin module:




        "url": "",

        "variables": [


                "name": "APP_DOMAIN_NAME",

                "value": "DomainLink"





Dear Amol,

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I checked this error in Github community and on stack overflow. I found that it can be due to version of firebase which is being referenced.

Following steps you can try:
1) Fork this github plugin to your repository
2) Modify the file to below

change plugins/cordova-plugin-firebase-dynamiclinks/plugin.xml

    <pod name="Firebase/Analytics" spec="~> 6.17.0" />
    <pod name="Firebase/DynamicLinks" spec="~> 6.17.0" />

3) Use your own forked repository plugin URL in OutSystems Extensibility Configuration
4) Try to generate the app

StackOverflow Question Link
Check the answer in this above link.

Let us know if your issue is resolved using this or not.

Palak Patel

Hi Palak,

Thank you for the response. I made the said changes, but it still gives me the same error.

Sending my forked repository for reference:


Amol Rane

Hi Amol,

The OutSystems team recently released a plugin/component on Forge that enables you to implement Firebase Dynamic Links in OutSystems applications. This plugin is called Dynamic Links Plugin (Firebase), here is the link:

You can also search for "dynamic links" in the Forge search bar and it should appear at the top of the list.

Please let us know if you need any help using this plugin.

Best regards,

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