Popup over popup


When using a popup, I need to show a help document, however it overlaps the content of the popup.
 Is there any way to show that document without this behavior happening?
 I appreciate your help.

Note: I use Outsystems10

Carlos Messias


A bit more of context would help us to help you but you can try to open the document on a new tab instead of inside of the popup. You can do this by adding target = _blank on your link to the document. Like this:

Just change the destination to your document and it should open it on a new tab.

Best regards


Hi Carlos

Sorry, I don't know what kind of behavior do you expected?

Can you tell us more detail?



Instead of opening a popup for the help document, you could change the whole popup content using the if condition.

The implementation will be similar to this:

Hope this helps!


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