Reactive ver 11 export or print to pdf


I need export my user view query GRID INFORMATION (5 join tables) to print or export to pdf (in excel that job was impossible, just export 1 single table from server side.... that is rediculus in sql with several tables)

Please.... how can I print or export the actual grid view user side (client side.... but the server side has singles tables without sense).

PDF Generator Plugin just print for normal web (long url)... in reactive the url doesn't change, then pdf doesn't work.

(Ctrl+p doesn't work either, because the grid user has 100 row for every show... cltr+p is a screen capture....)




Why can you not use the aggregate that populates your table widget as input for the Record List to Excel widget?




I expend several days about that....(donwload and test a lot of excel forge)

Evething forge or plugins take as input from server side (in server there are only singles tables without join)....on client server the join tables are usefull..... but there isn't a function or forge with grid.list parameter..... besides I was stupid to choice reactive.... bad decision, nothing run or works in reactive ....


Hi Carrara ,

You can use  pdfJS Viewer Reactive forge component for download and print of pdf. 



Hi Samiksha,

Have you used ultimate pdf for reactive web?

Hello Jyostna Deokar,

this component is reactive and Demo also available for this 

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Thanks for the reply Akshay..Can we get pdf in binary format here?

Actually I want pdf binary data which I have to pass as input parameter to rest API.

From binary to pdf this will convert.

List to pdf ,text to pdf , binary to pdf 

Please check demo for more clearification.

I am not sure, because I have not used that 

But check this component for your requirement this will helps you

One more thing want to mention regarding ultimate pdf

It says traditional but the server actions work in Reactive. It's very simple to use.


Hi Jyotsna,

Since it is an old post you might want to consider create a new topic to keep things organized! Keep that in mind on next time.

Anyway, replying about Ultimate PDF, yes, you can use it with Reactive.
Maybe you will need to apply some extra CSS to make it work.
For that check this other topic.

Another option, if you need a very big report. Is using this other component.

And regarding the original question, if any question is still on.
You should also be able to use excel native functionallity to export more than one table in the join.

Hope it helps,

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

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