Technical Debt - Apps technical debt analysis

The Architecture Dashboard show an 'Apps technical debt analysis' chart with the Technical Debt showing a rise of 16% over the quarter and rising Technical trend line, however, the area of pink orange and yellow apps are trending down over time.  

Can someone point me to an explanation of the graph?  A legend would be helpful with a link to the explanation of how the different elements are calculated and what they are measuring or comparing.



Good question. I asked some outsystems people to give a proper explanation, since is not very clear as well.

Hello Charles,

Thank you for your question.

I agree with you when you say that documentation needs to be better. We have a change to this UI and that is why we have not released more detailed documentation at the moment, because it will change.

Still, let me explain the current behavior:

Starting by the canvas (where you have all apps by layer):

  • The color of each module or app represent the sum of current-"technical debt"-level and not "findings" - Each finding is behind the scenes configured configured with specific deficit for several areas.
  • One app is not just the sum of the modules technical debt - that is why sometimes it has a high lever of severity. Why? Because some findings are not related to modules but to applications.

Now the chart, currently:

  • The percentage (increase in this case) compares the technical debt in the beginning of the quarter to the current day level. And it is telling you that you have more 16.18% points.
  • When you look into the colors, the confusion starts. 
    • The green part is bigger and it is conveying a message of counter intuitive perception. We know, and we will fix it soon. It is already planned.
    • What in fact is going on, is:
      • The chart draws the amplitude by number of apps in a specific color. So, knowing this now, you know that you were able to have more green apps, than you had in the past.
        • Maybe you fixed tech debt, or maybe you spliced the application and now they went from yellow to two greens (those are just ideas).
        • Does this mean you have less tech debt? no. The percentage is the king of truth.
        • Probably the ones already red, grew a lot in tech debt and it does not get reflected into the chart. Once again, it is just counting apps.

With the proper explanation given, we know this graph needs to change. We already had discovery done in the field, and tested with some simulations, so we are comfortable with a new release during this increment that will help anyone get a better "first" view of how the factory is.

Now, i would expect that most of the factories will not be so greenish.

Upon release, detailed documentation will be available.

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