Delete the duplicate name and the year total column(which is a block)

Hi Community,

Please help me to delete the duplicate employee name and year total I have given a block (expression) for year total



Hi Rites,

I have checked your oml and identified you have used Vacation_CS module where you have kept all the CRUD actions & entities which is missing here. Second, i would like to understand you problem statement here, are you facing any error while deleting these records? bcz you have already created the delete action in your page? can you please provide more details or error message you are getting while performing this action.


Manish Jawla

Ok so here is the mockup screen I want to build

So here you can see the name field and the Year Total is not repeated . I want to build the screen similar to this


Hi Rites, 

You don't need to delete duplicate data.

You can put year total in an if widget's true branch, and set conditions like below. 

(GetVacations.List.CurrentRowNumber =0) or (GetVacations.List.Current.Employee.Id <>  GetVacations.List[GetVacations.List.CurrentRowNumber-1].Employee.Id)

You can use a similar method in name, but not use if in expression directly.

The real problem is how to keep this behavior when sort by other columns.


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