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Is there a way to preview a word document in a mobile app?

I have this transaction that generates a word document and saves it to blob storage.

What I want to do here is to preview that document inside the mobile app, tried to convert it to PDF and use the html iframe but the structure of the document is getting messed up after the conversion.

The last resort might be to preview the word document itself.



Hi there Esrom,

Hope you're doing well.

Did you take a look at this component?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hello Rui,

How can I use this if the file is coming from storage where I can only get the binary file?


Hello Esrom,

You can use File Plugin to save the file in your device:

And after that, you can use the File Viewer Plugin to open/preview that file, passing the FilePath where it was saved.

You can check some similar logic in this sample:

It is designed for PDF files, but you can check and implement a similar logic for Word docs.

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Great! Thanks, Rui. I'll have a look at this one.


Sure thing!

Let me know if it worked afterwards :)

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