[Case Management framework] Case Assign Process, after subprocess
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Hello community,
I am currently on a project using the Case Management framework.
By working with this component, we faced a problem with the 'Case_AssociateProcess' action from the CaseServicesAPI module. I am not being able to continue with the process, after terminating his sub-process. And this is happening because the current process on the case remains my subprocess, even after termination.

Represented above is a part of my main process flow. With this decision, I want to validate if there is a need to go through the subprocess. In case this happens, inside the subprocess, I am assigning the current process to the Case, going through some logic, terminate the subprocess, and also force all activities in this subprocess to terminate.

I checked on DB and the Case's current process remains the subprocess, which ended. And for that reason, I am not getting the next activity of the main process on my activity list. I am forced to (re)associate the main process with the Case.

Every time this subprocess is called, I must assign the main process to the case again, or I am not listing the next activity accordingly with the flow. Is this some limitation from the component?

Best regards,

Tomás Dionísio


Hi Tomas. Actually i do not have an answer to your concrete question, because iam not using subprocesses within a case. Your "challenge" however sounds like a fit for subflows instead of using subprocesses.

Your main case flow would query if there is a document request and then create a new subflow for doing stuff related to the document request. While that is the case your main case flow would be in Status of "Pending" or "Waiting for" with a Wait in the main case flow waiting for the subflow to finish. See documentation here Subcase - OutSystems on how to use the Wait in the parent case.



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