[Ultimate PDF] Extra page on Ultimate PDF
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Hello everyone.

I am using Ultimate PDF and everything is ok,, but my problem is that this application always inserts a blank page at the end of the pdf, I am using the web block "PrintLayout\ScreenToPDF".

Does anyone know how to avoid the last blank page ?


Hi Rafael Ceballos,

May be you could try this -

1. Try by giving different Screen urls

2. Try by using different layout

3. Try by copying content of web block directly to the screen ( just to find out if web block creating an issue) so that solution can be thought in that direction.

If still issue persist, Then the issue could be very specific to the screen content. Please share oml with sample screen which generates extra blank page. 



Hello Vani Mankad, thank you for your answer :), here is a picture of my screen, and  I can only configure paper size and margins, but I always get an extra page in my PDF 

I just added the last web block in order to put a water mark on the PDF, but before that, I had the same result

Hello @Rafael Ceballos 

I could not reproduce the issue on my end. It seems you may have some css somewhere interfering with the usual workflow.

Does 'TIRReport' screen or the containers in the 'MainContent' placeholder have any custom css styling added to them?



Hello @Rafael Ceballos,

Top or Bottom padding in a container may generate an extra page in the PDF, try once by removing the padding



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