In "6.2 Screen Interactions Exercise" where does the GenreID come from?
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The GenreID just appears in the Movie entity in this step. Any idea why? We created a MovieGenre static entity in a previous exercise. Does it possibly tie in to that? Also, the spreadsheet "Movies" doesn't have a GenreID column. I am a bit lost on this step. Any clarification would be much appreciated.  

3) Add the GenreId and Title attributes to the MovieDetail Form. Place the Genre right

after the Plot Summary and the Title at the beginning, before Year.

a) Open the MovieDetail Screen.

b) In the Data tab, expand the Movie Entity and drag the GenreId attribute over the

MovieForm in the main editor. Drop the attribute between the rows containing

the Plot Summary and the Gross Takings .

Hi Tom,

see this step in exercise 5.2

maybe you skipped it, or maybe you haven't refreshed your dependencies yet.


Hi Tom, 

It is coming from the Movie entity,

For your reference I have uploaded my OML of exercise,

Hope that Helps you,




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