Upcoming changes in cookie handling in Google Chrome Causes users to lose the session
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.0 (Build 34711)
I read your article about Upcoming changes in cookie handling in Google Chrome.
my app behavior fits the first scenario described : "outsystems apps with iframes displaying content from 3rd-party sites".
Currently users with a new version of Chrome are encountering this issue and can not use the app.
How can this be fixed?
Is there anything I need to do on my side? 
Is third-party contenet provider need to implement some changes?   

Dear Chevi 

As described in the same document from OutSystems "To overcome this issue, the third-party content provider must implement some required changes on his side."

No changes should be necessary on the OutSystems side as long as communications to the provider are already being made over the HTTPS protocol. However, if these communications are still being done using the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS, you must change your OutSystems application. The changes that the third-party provider will have to do require that cookies have the Secure attribute, and these cookies are only sent over the HTTPS protocol.

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