Re : Outsystems SMS vs 3rd party (Clickatell)

Re : Outsystems SMS vs 3rd party (Clickatell)

1) What is the advantage of using outsystem's SMS vs a 3rd party/clickatell SMS gateway?
2) Why would you choose outsystems SMS over clickatell and vice visa?
HI Robert

Before answering your questions, let me clarify that OutSystems doesn't have a SMS gateway product, but instead it supports as-is the Open Source and publicly available Kannel SMS Gateway. With that in mind, let me try to answer your questions.

1) Regarding the advantage of using the supported Kannel SMS Gateway over other 3rd party SMS Gateways, is that the Agile Platform SMS architecture supports the Kannel SMS Gateway as it's available, and doesn't require to implement the interfaces to integrate with a 3rd party gateway which is documented on Third-party SMS Gateway Integration. Additionally, from our experience, the throughput of the Kannel gateway on current server architectures can easily reach tens of thousands of message per minute, and usually only limited by the throughput of the connection to the SMSC.
2) I'm unfamiliar with the Clickatell gateway, and I won't recommend one over another without a more in-depth analysis. But with any other 3rd party sms gateway, the point is, choosing a sms gateway should consider the requirements of the system that will use it, based on key features and capacity. If you choose a 3rd party sms gateway besides Kannel, you can integrate it with the Agile Platform SMS architeture by following the above referred documentation. This means that you should focus on the application or system requirements for the sms gateway.

Hope this information is helpful.


Miguel Simões João

Thanks for the response,

I downloaded the third party SMS gateway integration PDF document, however, the document can not be read (there is no readable text).

"Regarding the advantage of using the supported Kannel SMS Gateway over other 3rd party SMS Gateways, is that the Agile Platform SMS architecture supports the Kannel SMS Gateway as it's available"

When using outsystems SMS gateway, How does outsystems platform send SMS messages? How does it work for the client? would the client need to connect to a  SMSC/GSM network then WAP/SMS feature would work or is this done on outsystems end?

BTW: Clickatell provides messaging services, is different to kannel, with clickatell you can sign up with an account integrate with their gateway using ClickatellConnector and then you will be able use Clickatell message gateway and start sending SMS messages right away hence Clickatell a 3rd party gateway., it connects to all the GSM provides to send the SMS, kannel you do not go throught a 3rd party gateway but you connect directly to the SMSC/GSM network on your own.
Hi Robert

Regarding the documentation issue, the 3rd Party Gateway Integration document is a ZIP file with 3 files in it: a PDF and 2 C# source files. Which PDF reader are you using? Can you post here a screenshot and the PDF for analysis? I have no trouble opening the file.

Regarding your other questions, I would like to suggest the following technical note first, which will provide you with an insight on how Agile Platform SMS Architecture works, in addition to the previously referred documentation: SMS Handling Architecture.

Trying to answer your questions, the SMS Handling Architecture of Agile Platform:
  • allows to create your own SMS flows on Service Studio, with automatic flow interaction message on message text patterns
  • sends messages through a asynchronous message system (Message Queueing) to the SMS gateway (e.g., kannel), allowing high throughput of outbound messages, usually limited to the connection to the messaging service provider
  • receives messages through the same asynchronous message system allowing high throughput of inbound messages, usually limited by the ability of the application to handle that large amount of messages
  • doesn't connect directly to the SMSC or GSM network, but through the SMS gateway (e.g., kannel). The SMS Gateway will provide the channel to the provider message network. In the case of the Kannel, it can either be a SMSC connection using EMI2 or SMPP protocols, or even something as simple as a serial GSM Modem, as long as it's supported by the SMS gateway. Basically, the SMS Gateway isolates the SMSC or GSM channel from the Agile Platform.
  • regarding WAP, do note that this feature has been discontinued on Agile Platform 5.0, so it's no longer supported built-in on the Agile Platform.

If clickatell is a messaging service, you can have 2 options on how to integrate with Agile Platform:
  • Directly with extensions, without using the SMS Architecture: If you place the clickatell connector in an extension and use it on your espaces, you can send and receive messages. usually this is a low performance solution, used for low volume of messages, unless the service provides bulk messaging services as well. You'll need to create your text messages and coordinate the flow of the messages your self on the application logic.
  • Using the SMS Handling Architecture, following the 3rd party SMS gateway Integration: if you implement the methods of the dispatcher and smscustomgatewayadapter interfaces to connect to the messaging service provider, you'll take advantage of all the feature described above (SMS Flows, asynchronous message queue, interactive sms flow based on text patterns, etc), and the Agile Platform will look at the clickatell service as if it was any other SMS gateway.
Take a look at the two documents (3rd party sms integration and SMS Handling Architecture) and you should be able to decide on the best approach to your system.


Miguel Simões João
Hello Miguel

Thanks for the detailed explaination

Below is a snapshot of what i see, when viewing the 3rd party integration techical notes pdf document.

When viewing "SMS Handing - technical notes"

EDIT: The document opens just find under windows Adobe Reader. 

Hi Robert

Thanks for the details.

It seems that may PDFs on the Agile Network and the WebSite don't open correctly with e MAC OS preview tool, but they open correctly on Windows with Adobre Reader.

I'll follow up with the team responsible for generating these PDF files, so they can correct the situation.


Miguel Simões João
Hello Miguel

After reading the two documents it was found that outsystem provides a SMS gateway, so if you use outsystems SMS gateway you are all set.

You can change Outsystems SMS to use a 3rd party gateway, if so does the SMS feature work out of the box once the 3rd party gateway has been fully implemented and this is the same for all editions? 

In regards to the PDF document, outsystems training material PDF documents open on a mac just fine, its just the technical notes, they can not be viewed properly.

Hi Robert

Using the SMS Handling architecture with a 3rd party SMS gateway, as long as you code the interface methods following the document of the 3rd party integration, yes, it will work with any Agile Platform Edition, as long as you have the iSMS feature licensed. It's also supported form all existent Agile Platform for .NET, including 4.2, 5.0 and 5.1.

Do note the Agile Platform for Java doesn't support the SMS Handling Architecture.

Thanks for the PDF info. I've tip the documentation teams on that regard.


Miguel Simões João