Dynamic sorting on grouped columns
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.21 (Build 41597)
Platform Version
11.10.0 (Build 22910)

Hi everyone,

I have the following issue that I am struggling with. I am using an aggregate on top of a table stored in an external SQL database and retrieved the data via an extension (Integration Studio). Within this aggregate I created two group by columns and one count, so 3 output columns. If I add normal sort, the table is sorted correctly. I can also see this by looking into the executed SQL. 

Adding the dynamic sort (to be able to use table sorting at the front-end) doesn't give any response. There is no "order by" created in the executed SQL script at all.

I read this forum post (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/19105/sorting-on-an-aggregate-with-a-group-by/) and tried the different things:

  • Removing the sort and rebuild it again
  • Appling normal and dynamic sort at the same time and changing the order, only the normal sort appears in executes SQL
  • Using dynamic sort only
  • Rebuilding the aggregate again

Does anybody have a solution for this issue?

Kind regards,



Hi Patrick,

Do you have alias on your grouped by columns? If not, you should do that.

Hi Eduardo,

I renamed the column, but this does not make sense.


On your List_SortColumn input you need to put your changed column name (alias).

Hi Eduardo,

I did, but this has nothing to do with the executed SQL, which just don't include the dynamic Order By.

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