[Html2PdfConverter] How to add page number in HTMLtopdf converter componenet
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How can I add page numbers ?

Which arguments shall I pass and what is the format?

Hello @Nishit Sadual,

For easily adding page numbers and page count I would recommend Ultimate PDF, or Simple Reports PDF based on my own experience. There may be more in the Forge but these are the ones I am familiar with most.

If HTML2PDFConverter does not support adding page numbers and page count (and I am not familiar with it enough to know) you could try PDF Header and Footer which is built to work with HTML2PDFConverter.



Thank You.

But I can only use the HTML to PDF converter. In the earlier versions they had an option to add page numbers.

But in new version there is no such option.

Aha, then PDF Header and Footer which is built to work with HTML2PDFConverter might be your only option at this point. Hope it works out for you.



Hi Nitish,

Take a look at wkhtmltopdf documentation for the command line params: https://wkhtmltopdf.org/usage/wkhtmltopdf.txt

specifcially the --default-header and --page-offset



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