Struggling to understand version information - what is really the latest?

I am looking to upgrade my on-prem version of the platform. I went to the downloads section (Software Downloads Search Platform-Server | OutSystems  ) and see that 11.11.2 on April 21, 2021 is marked as the latest. Yet.. there are 4 versions with lower versions numbers, higher build numbers, and more recent dates . 

This is really confusing. Also, is the release notes (Platform Server - OutSystems  )indicates that 11.11.3 should be out as of April 21, 2021 and fixes some things - yet I don't see that on the downloads page.



This is indeed confusing, and has been brought up with(?*) OutSystems. These are all back-ported security fixes, and compatible (without breaking changes) with their 11.x versions (so 11.8.4 is compatible with older 11.8 versions, etc.).

*Those pesky English prepositions :(


Hi Stacey,

I had already reported this to OutSystems and asked them to put the latest version on top. The latest version is the one marked as Latest Stable which is currently version 11.11.2.

The other versions that where added on April 27th are intended to have only the security fixes and will help those that wish to upgrade just to apply the security fixes without the need to worry about breaking changes.



Well.. The platform notes page says that 11.11.3 is released, which doesn't show anywhere that I can find. Do we think that people really backport a minor version bug fix and don't just upgrade to the next minor version?  Super super confusing.

For some time now, any new Platform Server version is released to the Cloud first.

A couple of weeks after the Cloud GA, the version becomes available for download for self-managed installations. 

And yes, there is a significant number of customers who sometimes prefer to backport a minor version bug fix, rather than upgrade to the next minor version. It may depend on their short-term delivery schedules at the moment, for instance.

Applying this security fix cannot be unreasonably delayed, and these minor bug fixes prevent reasons for delaying the application of the fix. Don't forget that customers expect the vulnerabilities details to be disclosed timely, according to the schedule in our policy. And once the vulnerability details are public, unpatched systems would be at risk.

Maybe if that could be indicated in the platform release notes it would be helpful

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