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I am getting DB connection closed on scheduer service on one of the environment and couldn't figure out why its happening only in that environment.

Verified with DB team and Firewall team and we don't see any abnormal activity.

I noted in one of the forum that Scheduler service uses Outsystem service pool. 

Is there anything that we could verify the configuration?

Any suggestion to fix this issue ?

Platform version : Java stack

Version 10.0.604.0

Error log :

Scheduler Service: Error dequeuing events null
Scheduler Service: Error fetching emails 

Stack trace :

java.sql.SQLException: The connection is closed: The connection is closed
at oracle.ucp.util.UCPErrorHandler.newSQLException(
at oracle.ucp.util.UCPErrorHandler.newSQLException(
at oracle.ucp.jdbc.proxy.JDBCConnectionProxyFactory.invoke(
at oracle.ucp.jdbc.proxy.ConnectionProxyFactory.invoke(
at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy3.getAutoCommit(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.databaseabstractionlayer.adoadapters.ConnectionUtils.closeConnection(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at outsystems.internal.db.DatabaseAccessProvider.getCommitableTransaction(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.servercommon.PlatformDatabaseAccess.getTransaction(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.scheduler.EventJob.dequeueEvents(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.scheduler.Scheduler.lambda$9(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.scheduler.SchedulerProducerConsumer$PullJobsFromDatabaseDelegate_Lambda.execute(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.scheduler.SchedulerProducerConsumer.innerExecuteProducer(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.scheduler.SchedulerProducerConsumer.lambda$3(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.util.delegates.Action$Action0_Lambda.execute(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.servercommon.SandboxUtils.executeInMainSandbox(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.scheduler.SchedulerProducerConsumer.executeProducer(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.scheduler.SchedulerProducerConsumer.access$0(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.scheduler.SchedulerProducerConsumer$2.executeImpl(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.util.delegates.Action$Action0.executeImplLambda(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.util.delegates.Action$Action0_Lambda.execute(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.hubedition.util.delegates.Action$ Source)

Hi Prabhu,

I have not worked with the java stack for a while, however as far as I recall each OutSystems service dumps the logs into /var/log/outsystems. Did you check there for more details in the scheduller service log file?

You can also try to changing the log level for the scheduller service (here).

If you cannot find the root cause of the issue you should open a support ticket with OS support. They can help you troubleshooting your environment.


Hi Ivo,

These logs are printed only on service center. Nothing is printed on Outsystems logs.

Thanks for passing along adding trace on logs which I can try and see.

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