How can I display only certain rows of a table depending on a condition

I'm trying to display a table, but only want to see those rows in which Usuario's atribute "Solicitudid" is not null. How can i do this?


Hi Pedro,

As per my understanding for the mentioned requirement, I would suggest you to introduce an Aggregate with Source Entity: Usuario and Solicitud with Inner Join

Join Condition:

Usuario.SolicitudId = Solicitud.Id

For additional check (Filter condition):

Usuario.SolicitudId <> NullIdentifier()

Or else You can also included the filter clause along with the Join condition with the and connector instead of adding extra filter condition

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

I agree with @Benjith Sam :) Great

Thank you! I'm new in outsystems and wasn't familiar with the use of aggregates

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