How to keep a list of properties on the client side
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When developing an application, I think that there will be cases where I want to keep a list of setting values (property, message, etc.) on the client side.

I think that most web applications use configuration files, but do anyone know if there is any good way for Outsystems (Reactive Web)?

In Traditional Web, types such as Structure can be defined with session variables, so I think it should be used, but in Reactive Web, client variables can be used, but they are limited to basic data types such as Text. I think we need to take other measures.

Good question. I haven't done this myself so I am not completely sure if this is entirely possible (or its potential drawbacks), but I am thinking a possible solution might be to keep a Text client variable and format it with a map/JSON structure so that you can manipulate it using the JS capabilities of client-side actions, probably a suite of custom actions to fit your needs. 

Might sound a bit overcomplicated, but if the approach works as expected, you would be able to build a handful of generic reusable Client Actions for your factory for adding/updating/removing/retrieving key-value pairs for any application. I'll see if I have the chance to do some tests about this idea and give you more details about an implementation.

Hi @Francisco Calderón 

Thank you very much. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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