How to Set login date?
"Last Login " +  FormatDateTime(Client.LastLogin,"dd-MM-yyyy h:m tt")

How to Set if i login today,it should display as today but now it display date format.What should i do now.i want to display today if a user logged in today else it should display date


Hi Karthick M,

You can use the DateTime_PrettyFormat() function from the RichWidgets module to achieve something similar to what you desire...

Or you can simply add an If and a check between the current date and the last login date. Something similar to:

If(CurrDate() = DateTimeToDate(Client.LastLogin), "Today", FormatDateTime(Client.LastLogin,"dd-MM-yyyy h:m tt"))

Hope this helps!

Hello Karthick M,

I have provided a (.OML) file you can download it may help to you.

i have simply put If condition to check if the user has logged-in in today's date else will show Yesterday or (you can change what ever you wan to display in ELSE condition as mention in the below snap )

Let me know if it works of not...

Thanks :)

Ajay Sharma 


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