[Data Grid Reactive] [DataGridReactive] Is there a way to hide component parts?
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His there a way to hide the marked parts of the table in a DataGrid component:

Total Records, Pagination and the first column?


On the documentation Rows Per Page there is a note "Setting this parameter to 0 will turn pagination off. "

This is about the RowsPerPage option value

This probably helps for the pagination.

Thanks @Filipe Silva that resolved the pagination total records case.

Hello Leopoldo Ismael,

Complementing Filipe Silva's answer and regarding your need on the hiding of the "the first column":

At the moment, it is not available on the DataGrid component without a workaround. Nevertheless, we intend to have multiple methods and events on the DataGrid component so I passed this post to the team and we will analyze it as I think it might be a good suggestion for different approaches related to this parameter in the future.


Right now, I would suggest the following workaround (.oml attached to the reply)

Add an onReady client action to the Screen. Inside, you might want to add JavaScript just like in the image below.




    function (gridId, gridObj) {

        gridObj.provider.headersVisibility = 1;



Please bear in mind that we didn't make all the necessary tests to ensure that it will work on all cases. We are continuously working to provide more API methods, so I suggest you keep tuned, as we intend to launch new events that might replace the code that I provided in my previous answer in order to make it easier to custom such behaviors.

Hope this answer is useful.

Best regards,

Tiago Pereira


Thanks @Tiago Miguel Pereira . That worked for the requirements I need.
Will keep an eye out for new features and events as you mentioned.

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