How to change Column Chart Colors
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11.10.20 (Build 41551)

Hello everyone!

I'm having some trouble whit my charts here, hope someone can help me. Here is the problem:

I have two charts on my dash board(PieChart and ColumnChart), and i want to change their colors to match the color code i'm using. 

I managed to change the PieChart Color with some research but if i use the same logic to the ColumnChart, it won't work, the chart shows 4 columns with 1 high priority ticket each.


You need to set the color in color property of column chart like this,

Condition is " If(Sentiment="negative", "red", If(Sentiment="positive","green","blue")) "

Hope that helps,



Hey Komal! Thanks for your answer!

I don't have this option on my chart. Maybe our versions are different?

The color is one of the attribues of the datapoint structure... in your case you seem to be getting it from the GeteTicketByPriAndCat query/action...

check inside and make sure you assig the color you want depending on the data you have


Open That blue + sign in left of the SourceDataPoint.


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