Reactive app open PDF stored as binary in database on the screen inside a pop up
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I  have a requirement of opening a PDF which is stored as binary data in database. I found some components but they were for Traditional web apps. Can anyone suggest me on how to do this in Reactive web app?

Thanks in advance


Create an expression and set Escape Content = No

inside the expression

"<embed height=""800"" src="""" type=""application/pdf"" width=""500""></embed>"

Hope this helps.


You can use this component pdfJS Viewer Reactive - Overview | OutSystems
you still will need to create a traditional screen that uses the download widget to return the pdf, this component uses URL to show the document, and use the URL for the page you create.


You can give a go at this component:

It can render files through a web block in the screen, either by passing a binary file or an URL. Hope this serves your requirement.

Hi Manuel,

In this component can I do it by only passing a binary file ? If yes then what should I pass to the URL field ? Since the URL is mandatory field . I tried passing "" to the URL it wont display the binary data. and also it is downloading the file in this case. 

Hi Sanket,

Yes you can pass "" in the URL field.

Regarding the data not being displayed sometimes, you may see if this solution helps:

Technically the component should not be triggering any action to download the file, is it possible that you are invoking the download node somewhere in your logic?

Hope you're able to get it fixed.

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