Are there any known issues with forcing landscape in PWA?

Platform Version 11.11.2

OutSystems UI Version: Version 2.6.7 

I have this in the extensibility of on my mobile application. When I run the app as a PWA, it is not forcing the landscape mode. Should this be happening?  I thought it used to work.


    "preferences": {

        "global": [{








It happened to me too once!!

I did a little research now, and if you cannot do it! maybe you can use this solution and force the landscape.

I did want to know why and solutions for that

Also this... but see the first link and then see this one below

Right now i don't have the time to try on my personal app, but i will do it, when i got the time for sure


Márcio C.

That stack overflow says that my way should work...  hmm

Here is a sample if you want to see it NOT working.  I wonder if it would work if I actually generated a mobile app? The challenge is that I am trying to distribute as a PWA.


Can you export as an oml? pls

Sure.. here it is. I am also trying to see if I can get something going using JavaScript. I have a function in the BottomBar -just trying to figure out how to call it.


I will try to look because I have an application that I am currently working on and I have the landscaped property, but its not working too

So I have found this, and I did the build, and it works using the build(the generated build apk), but with PWA is not possible!

You can have a look at this comment saying the same thing.
I will see other solutions, but you can use the landscape when you are using the build and not the PWA! there are issues using the PWA version, the PWA can't access the native plugin.

I will continue to search for solutions, but this is what I found until now.


Márcio C.

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