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We have an extension that sends a data set and every time the data set comes up with different rows and columns (the count of the rows and columns also vary). 

how can we display this data in a table format dynamically in Outsystems ?

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If the purpose is just to render in terms of Table format on UI then You can use JS to create dynamic HTML Table accordingly.

Or else 

You can refer this component:


- Assif


Thanks for your response.

Is there a way that we can use the availabe table records component or any other forge components other than rendering html on the screen?

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Dear Padamanjali 

Please look into the below forum solutions may help you - 




It is for different kind of tables. I hope it will work otherwise please share more details about how your data get represented and what is generic template of data. So, we can help you more


Thanks for your response. The exact requirement is :

We have some xml data whose structure is as shown below

the xml data has multiple record tags as highlighted in yellow... each record tag has some table tags as underlined in black and each table tag has its name as underlined in red and few values as underlined in blue.

Every table has a different set of values and every record tag can have a different number of tables as shown.

Our requirement is we have  to get all the distinct table names from the xml with different record tags and populate a dropdown.

when a user selects a particular table say Table_Name1 as underlined the values of table named Table_Name1 from all the record tags should be displayed as shown below...

if a different table is selected the table widget should be dynamically arranged so that it shows the data of that particular table.


1) we don't have the count of how many such tables may come as the data is dynamic.

2) each table may have different count of columns.

3) there may be any number of Record tags.

The whole scenario is to implement this use case.

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Dear Padmanjali 

To make this done the best approach would be to use OutSystems Tables. You can go as below - 

Prepare one script to add XML Tables to the OS Entities, where - 

  1. Table Name = Entity Name
  2. Value 1, 2, 3.. = Entity Attribute 
  3. Records will be the Rows of Entity

You can use this Forge for the XML Record Entry https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/153/xml-records

Then on screen you can create a dropdown with ForLoop till number of tables available and fetch the Table Name. 

Then OutSystems Table View will help you to display the data in Tables on Select.

Hope the approach is clear. 

If you XML changes, you will need to create cron jobs or trigger to read the XML and update data entities. 

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