Problem with the Feedback Message

Problem with the Feedback Message

I used the Feedback message in most of the part in my application.It works properly.Now i changed the Menu as Dropdown Menu.Now in my application all my feedback messages are displayed on Right Corner of the screen and it visible Half Message.
How we get the message at middle of the screen?

Hi Devaraj,

As I mentioned several times in the past, the Drop Down menu component is a sample for you to see Drop Down menus can be done in Agile Platform. If it doesn't work in your scenario, the best approach will be to do them correctly from scratch.

However, in this particular scenario, I did test it with Feedback Messages, and it works as expected, so I must assume that some customization you did to either the Menu, the Header, or the Stylesheets are the cause for that behavior.

I recommend installing Firefox and Firebug and looking into the CSS stylesheets you changed, and to the customizations you made to the header and menus because that's the most likely cause for it not to work - the same applies to the previous behavior you reported regarding the drop-down menu and the links.

If you want to identify if something is wrong with something else - namely, for instance, the drop-down menu - I recommend creating a simple eSpace from scratch, and replicating the problem you're experience. If it still happens on a clean eSpace, from scratch, then it's probably easier for everyone to agree that the problem lies there, if that's the case, and then for someone to fix it if anyone is interested and available to do so. Since the components are open-sourced, it is also encouraged that users fix them and share those fixes with the community, since they are usually offered as-is.

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares

Thanks for your Reply,

Here i check with 2 to 3 menu it works fine.Please Add more than 7 menu.In this case i got problem.

Again Thanks

Sorry now i fixed.
i moved up the feedback control to menu.